How to Home Stage A Small Home

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Staging a house is a very important process when you want to put your house up for sale on the market. It helps you sell the property faster as it allows prospective buyers to picture themselves in the space that is available. This becomes almost crucial when we talk about small homes. With the proper staging of furniture and other household items, even a smaller place can look more sufficient functionally. We have been very impressed with a local home staging company, Calm Castle Home Staging. Check them out if you live in Maryland and visit their website for some good tips.

Meanwhile, let us explore some tips below on how best to stage a small home.

Calm Castle Home Staging tips - remove the clutter
Turn Off to Buyers – Remove the Clutter

Remove the Clutter

Before you enter the staging process, it is imperative to remove the clutter. Keep all the essentials and only a few ‘good to have’ items. Once the clutter is out and your home is overfilled with furniture and knickknacks, do a thorough cleaning. Get rid of any unpleasant odors and try to disinfect the house. You don’t want the buyers to be greeted by any surprise visitors.

Calm Castle Home Staging tips - rooms without clutter are more appealing
Compare to a Room without Clutter


Aim for lighter colors. Cooler and pastel shades tend to reflect light and make space look bigger. On the other hand, darker and warmer colors tend to make the room look darker and more congested. Stick with a single light color for the walls. Open the blinds and pull back the curtains to let the light in. Talking about light, make sure that the light fixtures throw ample light. So, dust them, if required.


Most of us tend to collect unwanted furniture over a period of time. While staging your home before a sale, make sure that you reduce the amount of furniture in the house by as much as fifty percent, in some cases. You might need to rent a storage unit. Another challenge could be that your furniture may look dated or worn. In such a case, it might be a good idea to rent furniture for the staging phase.


Another great tip for staging a small home is to remove all unwanted doors. They will give your home a more open-plan look and feel. Of course, keep the doors where needed, like bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

Bare Walls

It is better to have bare walls than have something obnoxious staring out of them. Remember, not all of us have the same levels of appreciation for wall art. Moreover, leaving the walls vacant will make the room seem more breathable. Don’t make them completely bare, but in this case, generally less is more.

Calm Castle Home Staging tips - use mirrors to make rooms look bigger


Now that your walls are more bare, you might want to hang a few mirrors on them. Mirrors not only brighten dark spaces they also make the area look bigger than it is. Don’t overdo it though.

Furnish Wisely

Decorators swear by metal and glass furnishings when it comes to staging small homes. In comparison to wood, they give the room a lighter and brighter look. Likewise, when it comes to curtains, go for lighter colors as well as fabrics. Streamline the fabric and the color palette. Don’t put everything on the bed. If you want to mix and match, then stick with two options only.

Smaller homes are much more in demand today than they were a decade ago. So, even without an elaborate staging exercise, you can still sell the property. However, staging done right can get you a better price. Typically, 10 times what you spend on staging. That seems high perhaps, but remember, the value of a house is a relatively large number. Increasing the sales price by 5 or maybe 10% can mean several tens of thousands of dollars.